Matt Haddaway

Matt's Fans

“I like turtles! That's why I bought these three turtle paintings from Matt. The colors and precise attention to detail draw me to Matt's paintings. I have purchased quite a few of Matt's paintings over the years because the subject matter of his paintings really appeal to me. Matt, thanks for decorating my home!”

“This is the first of four paintings that I bought from Matt. I love how vibrant the colors are and how it looks like you can walk right down the pier and jump into the water. I also purchased a colorful painting of a sailboat that is unbelievable in detail. I continually get compliments on all of my Matt Haddaway paintings. Matt's artwork is very affordable and I like that he can do custom pieces as well. Matt, thanks for all the great artwork, see you at the next art show!”

“More than anything I love being in, on or near the water, and Matt's paintings bring that peacefulness to me, using vibrant, yet soft colors. Matt captures the feeling and flow of the ocean and makes me want to be there.”

“This is not the first piece that I purchased from Matt but it has the same quality that I always find in his work, it puts me THERE. "There" being wherever the piece was painted. In this one I can hear the pounding of the surf, feel the ocean spray and hear the screeching of the gulls flying overhead. It is the last thing I look at in the morning before I go to work. I love it!”

“We love Matt's work so much that we commissioned him to do two large sea turtles with tropical fish swimming through a coral reef. Having lived in Hawaii, the paintings make us feel at home and bring back memories of being at the beach. We feel privileged to have the turtles and other beautiful work hanging in our home. We can immerse ourselves in the paintings and enjoy the relaxed spirit and vibrant colors. We can’t thank Matt enough for the time and energy spent making our paintings exactly the way we dreamed them to be.”
–Courtney & Scott